BloorHomes competition winners

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Children from Y6 put themselves forward to enter a Design-a-Bedroom competition for two brand new homes yet to be built on a new development. Their design boards so impressed the judges of the competition that they awarded them !st place! Not only that, but they earned the school a new tablet, each child received an art set for themselves and they had thrill of knowing that the show home designer was going to make their bedrooms a reality in the finished houses!

Well done to the pupils for all their research and background work, colour coordinating, imagination and creativity.

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What a handsome bunch!

The children in year 4 have been drawing self-portraits as part of our Faces project.

Do you recognise anyone?!

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Figurative sculpture- Giacometti Style

The artists in year 4 have been looking at the sculptures created by Alberto GIacometti.  Giacometti sculpted long skinny people with elongated limbs in a variety of poses.

The children had a go at sketching models in sporting poses

before making their own Giacometti inspired figures using wire and masking tape.

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Crazy and Amazing

It been a while since we’ve had a video of something from the amazing world of music and musicians. This video is what can be done with music and knowledge of mechanical engineering. Its sort of mad and wonderful at the same time but it must have taken an age to build so the timings and tunings all work properly!

What do you think? Could you ever build something that does more than one thing at once?

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Seascapes- Lucie Bray style

To tie in with their geography project of Coasts, the year 5 children have been looking at the oil paintings of  Cornish Artist Lucie Bray.

They had a go at painting their own seascapes in acrylic paint.



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