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Our Blogging Rules

1. Only give your first name when you post or comment on a blog.

2. Do not share personal information about you or the school.

3. Do not share email addresses, phone numbers or house addresses either.

4. Be polite – People have taken the time to write on the blog, so make sure you are positive with your comments.

5. Think about who may read the blog. Remember the “Grandmother Rule” – Would your grandmother approve of what you have written, because she may be reading it!

6. Is it something that you would be happy to have your name attached to? – As your name is going to appear by each comment!

7. Always check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before you post, and please no ‘text speak’.

8. A message for family and friends. The children love to see your comments on the blogs but to maintain security, please leave your first name only or alternatively sign your post as ‘Harry’s Mum’ or ‘Lily’s Uncle’ etc.

9. Finally… Enjoy yourself. Blogging is new, exciting and the world is waiting for you!